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BLOG : Carlo Rampazzi

Twenty years with the design icon: Carlo Rampazzi

Each phase of our life is marked by encounters, some fleeting, others profoundly impactful. Twenty years ago, my path intersected with that of Carlo Rampazzi, a globally renowned Interior Designer, and this meeting became one of the most defining and enriching experiences of my career. The backdrop of our first collaboration was the Berluti maison of the LVMH Group, a pinnacle of Parisian luxury. As I endeavored to shape the image of this illustrious House through bold campaigns, Carlo, on his part, breathed life and art into every nook of the boutiques. His vision transformed these spaces into genuine masterpieces. My fine arts background, acquired at an academy in Italy, enabled me to recognize Carlo’s unparalleled talent. I was utterly captivated by his innate sense of color and the warmth he imbued in each of his creations. His furniture designs were more than just pieces; they were poetry in 3D. Many celebrities, including the legendary Michael Jackson, fell in love with his work, drawn in like so many others. More than just collaborators, over time, we became confidants. Carlo, with his boundless generosity and remarkable humility, allowed me to share more than just projects.

We shared dreams, hopes, and a mutual passion for art and design. Today, backed by two decades of collaboration, we combine our expertise to breathe life into exceptional guest houses and avant-garde hotels, always for BRACCINI PARIS clients. Our duo continues to push the boundaries of creativity, and together, we are determined to leave an indelible mark in the realm of art and design. Here’s to the promise of many more years of shared creations.