Day 1: Discovery and introspection

  • Participants: 7 people personnes
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Description: :

– Warm welcome of the participants over a communal breakfast.
– Introspective session on personal values.
– In-depth personality analysis to reveal the unique color of each participant, symbolizing their
very essence.

Day 2: Styling and personalized shopping experience

  • Participants: Individual
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Description:

– Welcome of the participant over an individual breakfast.
– Guidance in choosing a clothing style that celebrates the participant’s individuality, taking into account their morphology, culture, and personality.
– Personalized shopping experience in the streets of Paris, tailored to the participant’s lifestyle and budget.

Day 3: Closure and implementation

  • Participants: 7 people
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Description:

– Welcome of the participants over a communal breakfast.
– Shoe shining session to transform your shoes into a symbol of elegance, even when worn with jeans.
– Collective closing session with a friendly lunch.
– Professional photo session to master the art of presenting oneself in front of the camera, thus enhancing the personal and professional presentation of each participant.


Additional Notes:

– Group sessions are held on Saturdays.
– Individual sessions on the second day are scheduled at dates convenient to each participant to ensure a tailored and deeply personal experience.
– The workshop is designed as a journey of personal and professional transformation.

WORKSHOP PRICE: € 1,800 including taxes for 15 hours of transformation and discovery.