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Meetings with iconic CEOs: between luxury and vision

Architects of Luxury: A Deep Dive into Brand Identity

Throughout my artistic journey, I’ve had the unparalleled opportunity to rub shoulders with CEOs who truly are the architects of modern luxury. These leaders are the craftsmen who mold the identities of the iconic brands that captivate us.

The Visionary Craftsmanship of Bertrand Stalla-Bourdillon

A name dear to my heart, embodying the quintessence of luxury branding, is Bertrand Stalla-Bourdillon. His chairmanship at Maison Berluti, his leadership at MARC JACOBS, and his current roles within LVMH sketch out a remarkable trajectory. Having had the privilege of collaborating with him, especially for Berluti’s special events and advertising campaigns, I’ve witnessed firsthand his passion and dedication. His commitment to authenticity and innovation is simply exceptional.

Delving into the Vision of Luxury Houses

Every encounter with these titans of luxury has granted me a glimpse into the very core of the brands they lead or influence. Conversations with figures like Bertrand, who have left their mark on Houses such as Louis Vuitton, Berluti, and Marc Jacobs, have been profound opportunities to grasp their strategic vision and their zeal for brand identity.

Braccini Paris, Your Guide on the Branding Journey

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