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Blog: Mon Paris je te raconte

From the magic of Parigi to the art of branding: the quintessence of perception and representation.

The City of Light, Paris, has always been an icon of art, culture and history. As founder of the EMLP photography school, I had the privilege of translating this essence into the book « Mon Paris je te raconte ».

Eminent personalities such as former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the Chancellor Angela Merkel and several CEOs of renowned multinationals, have expressed their appreciation for « Mon Paris je te raconte », recognizing the quality of the book; an appreciation that has translated into warm congratulations. These personalities showed a great sensitivity for artistic expression. The book was also featured on the TV show « Vivement Dimanche », hosted by the talented Michel Drucker.

The compliments received are not just praise for the book, but recognition of the pedagogical aspect of teaching, which reveals an ability to convey and demonstrate a vision, which is the very essence of art and science. In the demanding world of branding, as in the art of photography, it is essential to see beyond the visible, to capture the soul and share it with the world. It’s this philosophy, driven by passion and commitment, that I want to bring to the branding concept at Braccini Paris.

« Mon Paris je te raconte » reflects this pedagogy, which aims to perceive and then reproduce an image, a sensation, an essence. The same principles that underpin the art and science of branding. Every brand, like every photograph, tells a story, arouses an emotion to touch the heart of its audience and draw them into its universe.